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We all stand together

This is my post for World Diabetes Day, and in keeping with my silly habit of using song titles for post titles, I have chosen a title from what many consider to be one of Paul McCartney's most forgettable ditties, We All Stand Together
For what it's worth, I actually rather like this much-maligned song, and always did. And the cartoon is wonderful. Was it really 31 years ago? Yep, it was the autumn of 1984. Where did those years go?
Well, 31 years ago I was still 13 years from being diagnosed with diabetes. You never know what life has in store for you....
I told my diagnosis story in a previous post, so for this one I wanted to reflect a little on how things have changed in the almost 18 years that I have lived with the condition. 18 years is a long time: some of my friends from the online diabetes community, the GBDOC, were babes in arms when I fell victim to diabetes, a fact which also raises the  "you never know what's in store" thought.
I recently came acro…