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Love Shine a Light: Candlemas

Love Shine a Light in every Corner. Time for another religious post. This is a post about one of those little-known and neglected festivals - Candlemas - that could do so much to help brighten our year, especially in times like the present, which are both literally and metaphorically dark. I hope that I can help those who are sceptical or dismissive of religion a chance to see that following and  commemorating the life of Jesus of Nazareth can give a form and pattern to our secular lives and provide opportunities for constructive reflection.
Did you know it's still Christmas? Well, to be accurate, it's still Epiphany, which is a season lasting from January 6th until February 2nd - Candlemas Day.
Candlemas is a rather forgotten festival, marking the last day of the Christmas Season, and traditionally the day on which a Christmas Crib is put away, having been left in place when all the other decorations came down on 12th night. In our house, the two cribs stay defiantly in place…