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We'll Always be together

Now this is getting silly. I can't stop giving my posts song titles. I hope that it gives a bit of light relief for anyone wading through my musings to click on the links and hear some music.
But how could I not use this joyful song from the end of Grease as a way to sum up the wonderful #pwdc16 Conference in Nottingham this weekend.
"We go together" says it all about the diverse, supportive and above all friendly bunch of people who assembled this past weekend for the second of their conferences for People with Diabetes organised by @theGBDOC
This second conference had a rather shaky start at the organisation stage, as a number of people were put off by the cost compared to the first event in 2015. But the cavalry came over the hill in the form of a commercial sponsor. For that, we must all offer our thanks to Abbott. As a keen user of their FreestyleLibre, I have no problem at all with their sponsorship, which did not involve any in-yer-face marketing, but just the d…