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DXStockholm Diary

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Friday 3rd June - Day One:I Wonder (Departure)
Normally when I get to the last day of a week's Half-Term holiday, there's that feeling that it's all gone too quickly. But this one was different, very different. I had spent the week half wanting it to go slowly so I could enjoy the time with my family, and half wanting it to whizz by, such was my sense of excitement and anticipation.
Just a few weeks previously, I had been approached by Abbott, manufacturers of the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system, with an invitation to fly out to Stockholm for a weekend, to meet with some fellow diabetic bloggers. As you do.
So instead of a quiet weekend at the end of Half-Term getting ready for back to work, I found myself alone at a deserted Preston Station at 5am on a glorious sunny Friday morning, catching a train to M…

Just let me say for the record

OK, not a song title, but a lot of peoples' favourite line from We are Family, famously the subject of a deliberate mishearing by Peter Kay, whose line Just let me staple the Vicar  is one of those once heard, never forgotten mis-hearings. Click the link above, listen, and laugh...
Anyway, #DiabetesWeek 2016 is themed "setting the record straight", which is what brought that line into my song-obsessed head, so I thought I'd like to take the chance to just let me say for the record by making ten (not very original) points about Type One Diabetes:-
You can get Type 1 at any age. I got it at 40Not all diabetics are overweight, let alone fat.Type 1 diabetics can eat whatever they want.Diabetics can do whatever they want: sport, travel, driving and any job, however stressful and demanding.We not only CAN eat sugar, we sometimes actually NEED sugar.Just because we look fine doesn't mean we feel fine.At any given time, we are only one small miscalculation away from beco…

Summer Night City

Sitting outside a bar, drinking a refreshing glass of Öl at around midnight in the sultry warmth of  a still-light Stockholm night, I tried briefly to step out of the moment and reflect on where I was, what I was doing and why I was there.
I was sitting there in the Summer Night City talking, laughing and drinking with a group of  young women: a Canadian scientist who lives in Paris, an Italian electrical engineer who lives and works in London, a Welsh student dietician who is an accomplished and successful athlete, a medical secretary from Birmingham and a first year university student from Doncaster. Of the group, I had only ever met the latter two briefly before; the others were, until 24 hours previously, strangers. At other tables in the same bar were about twenty other people, all unknown to me previously, but now new friends: Germans, Dutch, French, Swedish, Irish and British.

As I paused for thought (not easy in a noisy and lively bar), I just had to smile. Why was I, by som…