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LibreLink: First Impressions

My enthusiasm for the FreeStyleLibre flash glucose monitoring system is well known amongst the online diabetic community. As soon as I became aware of its existence in early 2015 (thanks entirely, it must be said, to the #gbdoc, and no thanks to any input from healthcare professionals), I immediately saw that here was a potentially massive leap forward in our ability to regulate our blood sugar levels more responsively, tightly and safely than had been possible with traditional fingerprick testing.
I have already enthused about the device in this post written soon after I started using it, moaned about the fact that I have to pay for it in this postand featured in this film made for Abbott about a busy day in my life, and how the Libre helps me to manage my condition on even the busiest of days. I even found myself travelling to Stockholm in Sweden at the start of June this year, to attend a diabetic bloggers' conference with other Libre users from around Europe. I should at this…

Speech to Twin Towns gathering in Bad Bruckenau

Here is the text of a speech that I delivered on Sunday 10th July in Bad Bruckenau, Germany, to the gathering of people from three small towns in Europe who enjoy warm relationships through an unusual three-way twinning arrangement. I am Chairman of the Kirkham Twinning Association, which oversees our link with the French and German twin towns.
I make no apologies for the strongly partisan pro-European tone.
"Honoured guests, fellow Europeans, friends,
It is with great pleasure and some embarrassment that we British meet you here today in the heart of Europe, as a temporary escape from our bruised and deeply divided country.
Town twinning is a powerful symbolic representation of the unified Europe that had been so painstakingly built in the wake of centuries of conflict and suffering, and the triangular relationship between three small towns such as ours is a living expression of our friendship and of our shared cultural, social and political values.
Those who dismiss the European pro…