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Tap Turns on the Water

Another post, another song title. Tap turns on the Water,a hit from 1971 by CCS recalls for me the early autumn of that year, and carefree days in my early teens. It's one of those songs where the lyrics are clear and fully comprehensible, where people of my age are probably word perfect in their recall of them, yet we haven't a clue what it actually means. I've often wondered if it's actually an in-joke by the band, some kind of obscure euphemism for something obscene. But I doubt it. Either way, it's a wonderful, faintly sleazy piece of jazz-rock-blues. Click the link above, have a listen, enjoy, then read on. It's the best I could think of for a song about thirst. That's the topic of this diabetes-themed post, one with which I think many others will identify.
Read any guide to symptoms of undiagnosed Type One Diabetes, and you'll quickly see a reference to severe thirst. Along with the excessive peeing, it's an obvious consequence of a failing p…

Son of a Preacher Man

What do the following people have in common? Jane Austen, Theresa May, Danny Willett, the Wright Brothers, the Bronte Sisters, David Tennant, Alice Cooper, Gordon Brown, Virginia Wade, Hugh Dennis... and me?
Well, the clue is in the title of this post. They - we - are all children of clergy.

Yes indeed, I am the "Son of a Preacher Man". My late father was the Reverend Dr Arthur Long, a Unitarian church minister who was an expert in liberal Christian theology. I lived my childhood and teen years in a manse (call it a vicarage if you're not fussy about distinctions between what different churches call the place where clergy live) and so I grew up in the strange fringe-of-society place that clergy families know only too well.
Much has been said about the fact that our new Prime Minister is a vicar's daughter. It's one of very few parental occupations that would even warrant a mention when a new PM takes office, and it proves what I've always thought, that being…