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It's just my job, five days a week

Partha Kar, one of the #DocsOfGBDoc, caused quite a stir this week with this well-argued blog post about whether being a doctor is “just a job” or something rather more noble – a vocation. His post argued that being a doctor, even a consultant with multiple responsibilities and involvements like his, is for him a job, no more and no less than many other jobs, a conclusion that some might think somewhat at odds with his much-admired persona as a doctor who so obviously does far more than what he needs to. Surely, we might think, if ever we needed proof that Medicine is a calling, then we have it in the life and work of our Dr Partha.
Like all good blog posts, this one set me thinking. Is there such a thing as a vocation? I am a teacher, married to a teacher, the son, grandson and great grandson of a teacher on one side and the son and grandson of a clergyman on the other. I am father of an exceptionally dedicated teacher, a passionate recruiter of university students and a proud welfare…