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The Heat is On

A topical post which I will try to get up before this mini heatwave (end of May 2017) breaks. I was spoilt for choice with titles based on songs about heat - could have been many from my Feeling Hot playlist, but Glenn Frey's 80s classic The Heat is Oncame first into my head. This is a diabetes themed post, but before I get on to that, I can't resist making some general observations on our attitude to hot weather to see what others think. It puzzles me that there's a collective assumption that hot weather is “good”

Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden. One of those perfectly formed sixties pure pop songs. It was written and first performed by the Four Seasons, but found its lasting fame in the UK with this recording by the Tremeloes from 1967. The title is a ready-made cliché which sounds like something out of a Victorian schoolroom, but it’s a cliché which has great appeal to me.
Why is the world so noisy? And why are we so uncomfortable with silence? These linked questions quite often occupy my mind amidst the hubbub of life. I enjoy silence, or at least quietness, and within reason I enjoy being on my own.
I did think that intolerance of noise was a growing older thing, but a recent incident reassured me and made me think:
After the wonderful #TADtalk, a conference for people with diabetes in London on April 22nd this year, we all adjourned to a hotel bar for drinks and chat among delegates and speakers. Drinks and conversation were flowing, with much excited chatter about the day’s content as acquaintances wer…